Founded in 2019 with the inspiration of bringing Digital resolution, Digital Housing Company started its journey .The objective is to make everybody use Technology and become a part of Digital Transformation.

Digital Housing Company offers digital solutions & Digital Services to Consumers.  with Dedicated Quality assurance team assigned to support.

All the services are made available on just one click.

Go Green and Breath Clean…Join our journey and lets make world more happy and better place to live in…

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Digital Solar

Solar Power Plant Implementation for Societies/Building/Apartment/Corporate entities inclusive of Hotels/Hospitals/Colleges/Schools/Companies etc.

Benefits of Solar Power Plant::

  • Assured Return on Investment within 3.5 years
  • Free Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for 5 years
  • Reduces Electricity Bills
  • Zero EMI & no add-on Investment required
  • Pure/Clean Energy (Pollution free)
  • Renewable Energy Source

Digital Society

  • Free Society Management Mobile app
    • Digital Society Registration Management
    • Digital Accounting for Societies
    • Digital Maintenance Billing for Societies
    • Digital Request Management
    • Digital Complaint Management
    • Digital Parking Management
    • Digital reports Management
    • Digital NOC request & Management
    • Digital Forums for Societies
    • Digital Tenant Management
    • Digital Facility Management for Society Premises

Digital Gate

  • A Security & Visitor Management Module applicable for CHS and corporates.

Digital Staff

  • A staff management solution applicable for Societies/SMEs and members.

Digital Conveyance

Conveyance Deed or Deemed Conveyance–Expert Team members to resolve complications in getting conveyance done for CHS quickly.

Digital Insurance

If you want Risk free and peace life There is no other option but to avail the “Digital Insurance” Services. Digital Housing provides various services to Corporate/Societies/Building/Apartment to Insure them and reduce the Risk in case of any unpredictable calamity happens.

Following are the various services covered under “Digital Insurance”.

  • Society/Building/Apartment Insurance
  • Home Insurance for Individuals
  • Life Insurance for Individuals
  • Health Insurance

Digital Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

  • A comprehensive AMC Package solution applicable for Societies/Apartment/Buildings.All services under one roof inclusive of following.
    • Pest Control Services for Societies and Individuals
    • Fire Fighting Services for Societies
    • CCTV and Surveillance Services for Societies and Individuals
    • Water Tank Cleaning services for Societies and Individuals
    • Electrician Services for Societies and Individuals
    • Painting Services for Societies and Individuals
    • Major Repair Work for societies and Individuals
    • AC Maintenance Services for individuals
    • Lift Installation and Maintenance

Digital Research Analytics & Quality Assurance Team

  • Digital Housing does Extensive research before providing any services to Consumers.It helps consumers further to save time and minimize the Time required to be utilized for Deciding Service Provider.
  • With Dedicated Team of Quality Assurance, Digital Housing Assures our consumers for Prompt and Quality service.
  • All the quoted Prices are reasonable and best as per Market standards.
  • 24/7 Quick support for any help required
  • Hassle free experience

Digital Mobile app Services

Digital Website & Mobile app 

Equipped with Mobile app compatible with latest technology platforms which will help to deliver all Digital Housing services at doorsteps.

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