Our Approach

Welcome to Digital Housing...!!
Founded in 2019 with highly motivated professional entrepreneurs with the concept of providing all services at doorsteps digitally to everybody in the world.The strong team of Motivated professional with the objective of doing digital transformation in the lives of every member of society so that we can make world better place to live in.

Our Vision

Contribute significantly towards making a world more happy and better place to live in.

Meet the Team

Digital Housing Team is equipped with Quality professionals with Rich experience & in depth understanding of Domestic and International Market.With great vision of changing the way every individual is dealing and tackling with daily problems, The team is ready to overcome the problems or challenges faced by providing innovative digital solutions and make world an happier and better place to live in.

Nitin Deshmukh

Co-Founder with More than 15 years of Rich experience in Civil Construction Sector working with multiple MNCs . Have in-depth experience as Secretary in managing Cooperative Housing Society & understanding its challenges.

Jayant Deshmukh

Co-Founder with More than 11 years of Rich experience working with International market and having in depth understanding of Digitization and its impact.Also having in-depth experience as Chief Promoter in formation & managing of Cooperative Housing Society.