• “Digital Gate” is another Comprehensive and advanced Technological Alternative to Traditional Security/Guess/Visitors management Approach whereby Proactively & Promptly the Proactive Management would be conducted for all type of People visiting the Society/Apartment/Building Premises which can help further to avoid any type of danger or risk..

Following Key features are incorporated. “Digital Gate” is key feature available for Free (Anyone can download the “Digital Housing” Mobile app, enroll and start using it.) for All Societies/Building/Apartment/SMEs/Corporates.

  • Digital Security Management
    • Restricted access of Members confidential information to Security Officers
    • Advanced options for Guest enrollment in Societies
    • Guest Pre Authorization & Real time authorization through various Channels-(Dual factor authentication.)
    • No calling required (Intercom Free services)
    • Guest details equipped with secured layer of communication channel.
    • Members having flexibility of choosing the Preferred communication channel for Guest Entries in premises
  • Digital Visitor Management
    • Enrolment of Visitors by Security Manager/Security Officers/Members
    • Prior Authentication of Visitors by Members
    • Hassle free entry to Guests or Real time visitors
  • Digital Staff Management
    • Enrolment & authorization of Staff for Society and Members
    • Staff Attendance management
    • Staff Salary management for Members

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