“Digital Society” is Advanced technological alternative for the conventional Management Society/Apartment/Building Management whereby all the activities associated and applicable in Societies with respect to Accounting, Billing, Communication, Announcement, NOC request, Facility Booking request, Members request can be managed just through One click.. With Extensive research by Digital housing team, the Application has been developed and launched for Consumers so that they shall get the real benefit out of it.

The “Digital Society” Mobile app is free for all Members and Societies and they can start using it with hassle free experience.

  • Society Management application with Mobile app
    • Digital Society Registration Management
    • Digital Accounting for Societies
    • Digital Maintenance Billing for Societies
    • Digital Request Management
    • Digital Complaint Management
    • Digital Parking Management
    • Digital reports Management
    • Digital NOC request & Management
    • Digital Forums for Societies
    • Digital Tenant Management
    • Digital Facility Management for Society Premises

Silent features:

  • Members Enrollment and Management
    • Update/Modify the details of Members
    • Approval from Society Admin
  • Maintenance Bills generation through email/Physical Mode
  • Accounting Vouchers creation
  • Debit Credit adjustments
  • Visitor Management
    • Pre authorization of Guests
    • Adhoc visitors enrollment and validation
    • Delivery Service providers enrollment and validation
    • Staff Management
  • Financial Reports Generation & Management
    • Members Transaction Details
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trail Balance Report
    • Accounting Reports
  • Facility Booking & Management
    • Members request for all the amenities available in Society with authorization from Management committee
  • Digital NOC Request Management
    • All type of NOCs request by Society Members
    • Digital Approval for NOC request
    • Digital generation of NOC request form
  • Complaint Management
    • Registration of Society related Complaints
  • Tenant Management
  • Parking Management
  • Buy/Sell/Rent for Owners Property
    • Options to raise request for Sell or Subletting of Property.

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